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About Us

Hectic Hardwear - Mission

Hectic Hardwear is a family owned/operated business based in the heart of Appalachia in West By God Virgina.

I founded Hectic Hardwear to provide high quality, funny, and unique morale patches for the Shooting, Preparedness, Military, and LEO communities.  Essentially, they’re for anyone that has a blank spot of Velcro/loop on their gear and is in need of a patch over!

Also, having embarrassed my wife on numerous occasions by inadvertently wearing vulgar and offensive patches to community functions, I have tried to create designs that are entertaining but can also be proudly displayed without (for the most part) getting smacked on the back of the head by your mother.

All Hectic Hardwear patches are color matched, Velcro/hook backed and made with high quality twill and polyester threading.  All products are shipped in sealed/watertight packaging with Hectic Hardwear cardstock to prevent damage.

Enjoy the site, and thanks for stopping by!


I have always been a collector of morale patches and truly enjoy the artwork, design and meanings behind their unique medium.  In 2013 I really wanted a Good. Bad. I’m the Guy with the Gun patch, but there weren’t any commercially available at the time, so I designed and printed a small order run for myself. When they finally arrived, the colors and layout were all wrong, but I happily handed the extras out to my friends with great pride.

Some months later, while BSing around the campfire in the field behind our family home, a buddy quoted a movie and stated “now that would make a good patch.”  The discussion for the rest of the evening centered on “patch ideas” with folks noting their favorite quotes, movie lines etc. Many beers were consumed, hilarity ensued, and the idea for starting a company selling morale patches started to take shape.

I officially founded Hectic Hardwear in 2013, but spent the better part of two years saving pennies for startup costs, kicking ideas around with my family and friends, personally developing the designs, and eventually building the website.

The rest, as they say, is history.

About the Owner


Mike Smith

I am an avid outdoorsman/backpacker and enjoy shooting sports, automobile restoration/tuning, hunting, and all things gear related.

I tend to be a bit of a sci-fi geek, as well as a notorious movie buff.  For better or worse, I’m also the guy that makes endless pop-culture references at a party.